Which chocolate did Bill Gates, the man who can have it all, insist upon
serving at his wedding? Which brand did the Dalai Lama choose for his
very first taste of chocolate? And which chocolate does Emeril Lagasse
feature on his series "Emeril Live"? The answer is what the New York
Times calls "...the best in the world...." HAWAIIAN VINTAGE CHOCOLATE.

Hear HVC's founder talk about chocolate:
AIFF clip (537k) - WAV clip (537k)

About Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate
In 1986, Jim Walsh, founder and CEO of Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate, set out to create the world's first variety/Vintage chocolate. Following the model of the California wine industry, Walsh matched the selected genetics he had collected to the environment of Hawaii. Various types of trees were tested for compatibility with Hawaii's environment, of which only a few were chosen. These were bred to the ancient ancestors of cacao to create the fourth distinct variety of cocoa - Hawaiian - the first new variety in 80 years.

Today, Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate is a public development company (OTC:HWVI) creating products, brands, and marketing opportunities, utilizing its unique assets. The company is a leading developer and innovator of gourmet varietal and functional chocolate.

The international news on Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate has educated an enthusiastic audience that, like wine, chocolate's flavors are a result of its genetics, environment and post-harvest handling. The news has also reveled the exceptional "functional" qualities of Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate.

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