Frequently Asked Questions
About Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate

Q: Why is Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate so unique?
A: Think of a fine wine - wine is aged to bring out the unique flavor qualities in the grape. The same is true of our cocoa beans before processing. Without the aging process, the deep rich flavor notes experienced when you bite into a Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate pistole would not be there, and we would be like everyone else!

Q: Are you the people who make chocolate coated macadamia nuts?
A: No, but you can. Experiment with Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate Fondue and coat your own macadamia nuts. Chocolate fondue is great for parties! Or try making the Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate Carmel Macadamia Nut Tart using HVC's Fine Semi-Sweet Chocolate.

Q: How do I purchase Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate stock?
A: Tell your broker that our ticker symbol is HWVI, and that it can be found on the OTC market.

Q: Where do I buy Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate?
A: Hawaiian vintage chocolate is available for retail purchase only through this website. Click here for our online store.

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